Transit Advocates (TATF)

What is the Transit Advocate Task Force?

The Transit Advocate Task Force (TATF) is a group of advocates who attend transit themed meetings in the Denver Metropolitan Area; these TATF members then report on their meetings and those reports will be posted on the DRMAC website to provide updated information on projects, initiatives, and policies.

Our transit advocates on behalf of DRMAC:

  • Attend transit, disability and older adults events representing DRMAC 
  • Participate in task forces, work groups, committees  
  • Provide relevant issues to DRMAC
  • Advocate for transit and disability rights for older adults 
  • Attend resource fairs

To see what they have accomplished, check the posts below!

Transit Advocate Task Force Meeting Notes

People Centered Transportation Committee (PCTC) - December 9th 2019

This was the second kickoff meeting, with the new structure and aims of PCTC. PCTC efforts are to improve Non-Emergent Medical Transportation.  In attendance, there were representatives of various community agencies, seeing how they can contribute…

Denver Commission for People With Disabilities - December 5, 2019

Krystin Trustman presented the DRMAC (Denver Regional Mobility Access Council) Getting There Guide, a transportation resource on transportation in the Denver Metro Area. The Guide is published annually in five languages. It lists different…

RTD Advisory Committee For People With Disabilities - November 21, 2019

ACPD presented 5 ADA Hero Awards for drivers and dispatch personnel who have demonstrated an exceptional performance. The Regional Leadership Academy presented their project to collect ridership data for riders using Access-a-Ride.  Data…