Transit Advocates (TATF)

What is the Transit Advocate Task Force?

The Transit Advocate Task Force (TATF) is a group of advocates who attend transit themed meetings in the Denver Metropolitan Area; these TATF members then report on their meetings and those reports will be posted on the DRMAC website to provide updated information on projects, initiatives, and policies.

Our transit advocates on behalf of DRMAC:

  • Attend transit, disability and older adults events representing DRMAC 
  • Participate in task forces, work groups, committees  
  • Provide relevant issues to DRMAC
  • Advocate for transit and disability rights for older adults 
  • Attend resource fairs

To see what they have accomplished, check the posts below!

Transit Advocate Task Force Meeting Notes

SAPGA – Strategic Action Planning Group on Aging The Colorado General Assembly and the Governor formed the Strategic Action Planning Group on Aging with passage and signage of House Bill 15-1033 in 2015 (key provisions, and fiscal…

Boulder Local Coordinating Council - January 13, 2020

Administrative Updates: Boulder County – changing county administrators. Mobility for All will now be under Community Planning & Permitting instead of Transportation Why the change? Continuity & oversight since…

Denver County Local Coordinating Council - December 18th, 2019

Speakers - Naomi Amohoaw-Goldneck from the American Heart Association shared about her participation with the Denver Streets Partnership.  Her focus is working on transit policy and establishing a working relationship with local City Council…