People helping people


Kate Williams

Kate Williams

Kate Williams, Executive Director

Kate has a long career in nonprofit management, specializing in organizations that service the disabled, the elderly, and the disenfranchised. She is a member of many transit oriented organizations in the area and has been elected to the Board of Directors of The Regional Transportation District. Her certifications include Certified Community Transit Manager. Email:

Carol Buchanan

Carol Buchanan

Carol Buchanan, Director of Programs

Carol has a Master’s Degree in Nonprofit Management, Bachelors in Social Work, and a history of human services positions in the greater Denver community. She manages DRMAC’s educational workshops, oversees member engagement, coordinates DRMAC's participation in outreach events, and is the primary voice on our Information and Assistance hotline. Email:


Katie Packard, Administrative Assistant

Katie has over fifteen years of management and problem solving experience. She is excited to join the DRMAC team and make a difference in the community by helping others. Email:


Caleb Susuras, AmeriCorps VISTA

Caleb is excited to spend his service year at DRMAC helping people with a disability, people who are aging, and people with lower incomes find transportation that fits their needs and gets them to where they need to go. While attending university in Canada, Caleb found freedom and mobility using public transportation and his bike to get around. Living in the inner-city he loved his newfound car-free lifestyle, even during the winter! Working at DRMAC has allowed him to help others navigate the city using alternative methods.


Amberrea McLeod, DRMAC Rides Program Manager

Amberrae has spent the last 16 years in the medical field here in Denver County. Driving for Lyft the last 4 years part time has taught me there is a demand for  more ride options for individuals with Intellectual Developmental Disabilities. I am excited to expand the DRMAC Rides program and improve in areas where I can.