What is a Local Coordinating Council (LCC)?

A Local Coordinating Council is a great resource that is conducive to sustaining an effective transportation system.

An LCC consists of local businesses, nonprofit organizations, community groups, human service providers, and interested citizens who value care about the transit services in their community. LCCs operate on the understanding that public services accomplish more when people work together. Sharing knowledge, resources, and opportunities allows systems and services to progress faster and easier than agencies that work alone. Gathering people from many different fields results in a room filled with those who champion the cause for marginalized communities from all sectors of the county.

 A monthly two-hour meeting allows stakeholders in the transit community to share their initiatives, support the programs that their peers are working on, and learn from regional and local speakers. LLCs bring anyone and everyone to the table who is interested in the future of transportation in their county.

Are you interested in getting involved?

For information about an LCC in your region check out these ongoing LCC meetings


Carol Buchanan