Walking vs. busing down Denver’s 16th Street Mall: Which is better?

Sometimes the Denverite newsroom argues and sometimes those arguments lead to races. Whoever wins those races wins respect. Whoever loses loses sleep.

RTD sent us a press release earlier this week about changes to the 16th Street Mall. That’s when I authoritatively declared that walking is faster than taking the MallRide. “People don’t realize how quick a mile-long walk is,” I sang. Kevin, because he doesn’t take any flack, wasn’t buying it.

It turns out this calculus is a mystery to a lot of people, including Naureen Bharwan. She travels up and down the mall constantly for work, which involves visiting business owners.

“I think about it every day,” Bharwan said. “If I can see it (the bus) and it’s not more than two blocks away, I’ll wait, but if there’s a car in the way or something else in front of it … I’ll just walk, there’s no point.”

Kate Williams