Transportation and Healthcare — The Perfect Partnership

Helpful article from Renee Autumn Ray posted at The Alliance for Transportation Innovation (ATI21). "A couple of years ago I met with a kidney specialist in Atlanta. He told me that when one of his patients needs dialysis, the first question he asks has nothing to do with the person’s medical history or insurance coverage. Rather, it is, “Where do you live?”

Dialysis is a difficult treatment regimen. It requires several hours hooked up to a machine in a dialysis center three times a week, drains your energy, and must be done for a lifetime unless you’re lucky enough to get a kidney transplant. In addition to the physical challenges, dialysis makes it harder to work, travel, and live a normal life.

But this doctor knows from experience that one of the most important factors in his patients’ long-term health outcomes is how close they live to a treatment center and how reliable their transportation is. What seems like the simplest part of the treatment—a ride to and from the appointment—becomes the trigger for major health problems when a vehicle is late or never shows up."

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