ICE Raids Threatened: What you need to know

Dear Katherine,

Sources have confirmed that Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) will be conducting raids beginning on Sunday July 13th. In light of this, we’re asking all of our members to read and share this information, available in flyers in English and Spanish; when we're all informed, we can support ourselves and each other even as ICE seeks to break up our communities. 

The raids are expected to occur primarily in the Denver metro area. They will target mostly people with final deportation notices as well as guardians of unaccompanied minors seeking asylum turning 18. However, ICE will also be seeking collateral arrests. In preparation for the raids, it is crucial for people to have a plan, know their rights, and contact the rapid response network. 

1) Have a plan

If you feel you or a family member are at risk during these raids, make sure you have a preparedness plan.

  • Make sure your family members know their rights, especially that they do not have to allow ICE to enter the home without a warrant signed by a judge

  • Have an attorney's contact information just in case

  • Store the rapid response network hotline as a contact in your phone

2) Know your rights

Regardless of citizenship status, you have constitutional rights.

At Home:

  • Do not allow ICE to enter your home without a warrant signed by a judge. You are protected by the 4th amendment, which protects against unreasonable search and seizure

  • Stay silent. Do not talk about your country of origin or immigration status. You are protected by the 5th amendment, which grants the right against self incrimination

In Your Car:

  • If you are stopped in traffic, only the Driver needs to show ID

  • You have the right to remain silent. Do not talk about immigration status or country of origin

  • Do not lie, it can be used against you

3) Contact the rapid response network

If you spot ICE activity:

  • Call the rapid response network 1(844) 864-8341.

  • The Rapid Response Network will send volunteer legal observers to ensure that people's rights are being respected

  • To avoid causing panic, please do not post on social media

 Go to the Colorado Rapid Response Facebook page for videos about how to get involved!

Kate Williams