All Ability Jam

All Ability Jam

April 13 @ 7pm

Grafenberg Productions

1223 21st St., Denver

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As someone who performs and teaches improv, I see how this art can impact individuals and communities in a positive way. I love leading and joining with groups as we learn to say "yes" to the present

As a woman with multiple disabilities, including rheumatoid arthritis and lasting effects of a traumatic brain injury, it is so important for me to practice staying in the present moment. It can be all too easy to become distracted by chronic pain or other challenges. Practicing improv allows me to exercise mindfulness in real life.

Please consider joining us on April 13th for our All Ability Jam. Enjoy a comedy show while we try to remain present on stage for ourselves, our scene partners, and you - the audience. If you'd like to try embracing the present moment, you can join us during our open Jam session!

Kate Williams