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A Resource to Transportation Services for the Denver Metro Area

The Getting There Guide helps to bridge the transportation gap of local citizens with mobility challenges, helping them live as independently as possible.

Our printed guide will show you the best transit options for you. Download a PDF or request a free copy to be sent by mail or contact us to find the nearest location that carries them. 

The Getting There Guide, produced by the Denver Regional Mobility and Access Council (DRMAC), helps Denver area residents identify a variety of transportation options, including bus, train, biking and walking.

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The Getting There Guide is available in multiple languages. Currently the Getting There Guide has been translated to Spanish, Arabic, Russian and Somali. 

We also have an AUDIO VERSION of the Getting There Guide courtesy of the Audio Information Network of Colorado:

Getting There Guide in Spanish: La Guía de Cómo Llegar, producida por el Denver Regional Mobility and Access Council (DRMAC), ayuda a los residentes del área de Denver a identificar una variedad de opciones de transporte, incluyendo autobús, tren, bicicleta y caminar.

Getting There Guide in Arabic: (DRMAC)، وهو يساعد قاطني منطقة دنفر على تحديد مجموعة متنوعة من خيارات وسائل النقل، مثل الحافلات، والقطار، والدراجات والمشي.

Getting There Guide in Russian: Путеводитель “Как туда добраться”,  cоставленный Региональным Советом Денвера по Мобильности и Доступу (РСДМД),  поможет жителям Денвера выбрать подходящий вид общественого транспорта, включая автобус, электричку, передвижение на велосипеде и пеший ход.

Getting There Guide in Somali: Tilmaamaha Tegida Xagga [Getting There], oo ay soo saareen Guddiga Helitaanka Gaadiidka ee Deegaanka Denver [Denver Regional Mobility and Access Council (DRMAC)], dadka degan aagga Denver waxay ka caawinaysaa inay ogaadaan dalabyada dhowrka ah ee gaadiidka ay heli karaan, oo ay ku jiraan bas, tareen, baaskiil iyo socodka.

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Low Vision Resources

An abbreviated large print list of transportation services by county is available by clicking on the button below.  Transportation information and assistance is also available by calling our Help Line 303-243-3113.