Regional Coordinating Council-Housing & Transit

We had a great meeting this Tuesday, March 5th. We had speakers from several different places who spoke on housing and transit: Arapahoe County was represented by Linda Haley, The Gathering Place was represented by Julia Stewart, Silvernest was represented by Lisa Smith, and Mile High Connects/Enterprise was represented by Jennie Rodgers.

We discussed the challenges surrounding housing and transit in different areas and from different perspectives. There was great information about new developments near transit lines and affordable housing, the hurdles that are encountered and the problem solving techniques that occur with that. We discussed the effect of severely low-income housing needs and homelessness. We heard the history of the need for transit oriented housing. We also heard of the new and upcoming service/trend of Senior home sharing, whether that is with two seniors sharing homes or seniors and younger adults who share the burden of home owning responsibilities in exchange for discounted rent.

Angel Bond represented Boulder County’s Mobility 4 All whose vision is to promote and provide accessible, affordable, and equitable transportation options for Boulder County through collaboration. 

We also squeezed in some time for some fun DRMAC mascot photo shoots! We’ll be around town representing. Keep a lookout for DRMAC and get your photo taken for our photo gallery!!

Carol Buchanan