Colorado highway department collecting public opinions on Front Range rail

Money is tight in Colorado right now, but the state highway department is trying to keep alive Gov. Jared Polis' long-term plan for Front Range commuter rail, and is asking the public for input.

Bustang to roll across Colorado again after a 3-month COVID-19 suspension of service

The popular statewide Bustang bus service will resume service this weekend, with buses rolling across Colorado highways for the first time since the service was suspended due to COVID-19 at the end of March.

Public transit isn’t dead

It’s just ready for a serious makeover, and cities are using COVID-19 as the catalyst for some long-overdue change. Think of it as the ultimate spring cleaning solution, with the goal of drawing riders back and capturing subsequent revenue.…

Polis: ‘Just Act As If Everybody Might Have Coronavirus’

Colorado epidemiologists said Wednesday afternoon that they're not seeing a big increase in COVID-19 cases like other states have since Colorado transitioned to its "safer-at-home phase," opening restaurants, gyms and other businesses.

The Durability Of Redlining In Denver’s Past Is Shaping Coronavirus Hot Spots Now, Researchers Say

Add COVID-19 to the long list of things affected by the racist government practice of "redlining" minority neighborhoods starting back in the 1930s. Banks restricted lending in those places, resulting in decades of disinvestment that researchers…