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Pizza Decision

Domino’s Pizza delivered a case to the US Supreme Court this summer and the justices rejected it on Oct. 7, the first day of the 2019 term. The court’s action was a refusal to consider website accessibility standards that would have affected many businesses working online. The matter stemmed from a blind man being unable […]

Can commuter rail save our suburbs?

The mural, a train trailed by ribbons of color, is wholesome enough for a children’s book. It’s actually a paint-by-number artwork, which various residents colored in. For Arvada, Colorado, the Denver suburb that placed the mural downtown for the grand opening of its new Gold Line commuter rail station, it’s a symbol of the town’s […]

New Denver focus on transportation heading to voters in November

Denver residents will decide Nov. 5 whether to create a city transportation department. It’s a bureaucratic change, but it signals a bigger shift: The city may take on more responsibility for bus and train service amid a new urban era. The Denver City Council on Monday decided to put the measure on voters’ ballots. If […]

Denver, RTD hoping to get downtown traffic moving faster

The city of Denver and the Regional Transportation District are hoping a new and somewhat controversial plan can ease one of the Mile High City’s biggest frustrations: downtown traffic. The city is in the process of removing a lane of regular vehicle traffic on a number of streets downtown and replacing it with a dedicated […]