Entries by Carol Buchanan

ADA Paratransit Advisory Committee (APAC) – November 10, 2020

RTD’s ADA Paratransit Advisory Committee (APAC) met on by phone on November 10, 2020. Twenty-five people were in attendance including APAC members, RTD staff, and contractors. New members Tex Elam, Craig Towler, Lindesy Leith, Lyndsey Sent, Melisa Mascarenas, and Roberto Cabrera were introduced to the group. An update was provided on the merger of APAC […]

Boulder County Local Coordinating Council (LCC) – 10/12/2020

The Boulder County LCC met virtually via Microsoft Teams on October 12, 2020. Mission – Overcome transportation gaps in the community o Multi-modal education Boulder LCC Priorities o Understand Medicaid transportation better o Ride Free Longmont and now Ride Free Lafayette o Address gaps in transportation in Boulder outside of RTD coverage Boulder LCC Updates […]

RTD Accountability Committee – October 19, 2020

Following public comment, there was an Introduction of On-Call Consultants – North Highland Vice President, Anna Danegger, and Project Manager, Tanya Eydelman. They provided an introduction of their firm and expectations of their proposal to the committee. Ms. Danegger explained that North Highland has provided similar services in the past for other transit agencies such […]

DRCOG Transportation Advisory Committee (TAC) – October 5, 2020

DRCOG’s Transportation Advisory Committee (TAC) met on Monday, October 5th. A briefing was provided on the 2020-2023 Transportation Improvement Program (TIP) Whitepaper. There was also a presentation on the 2019 ANNUAL REPORT ON ROADWAY TRAFFIC CONGESTION IN THE DENVER REGION. Of note were presentation results showing there was no regional daily Vehicle Miles Traveled (VMT) […]

The Denver Streets Partnership – October 2, 2020

The Denver Streets Partnership met on October 2, 2020. The following topics were discussed: Depave – Jaime Lewis Article presented about unused or damaged pavement being removed This pavement is unnecessary and removal prevents contaminants getting into water system Needs a lot more research done – Jaime will do more research and bring it back […]