People Making Things Happen

DRMAC Board of Directors

Lisa Curtis

Lisa is the Community Engagement and Business Development Officer for Via Mobility Services. At Via, a community-based transit agency, she is helping the organization achieve its ambitious environmental and financial sustainability goals by incorporating new technologies into its operations and services. This work involves collaborations between nonprofits, local governments, research labs, and private sector companies. Lisa has a JD from Tulane University Law School and an MFA from the Iowa Writers’ Workshop at the University of Iowa.

Heather Kamper

Heather is our Ex-Officio and as such has no term. She is a Licensed Social Worker within the Area Agency on Aging at DRCOG and manages the Veteran Directed Care and Transitions program. She lives in Wheat Ridge.

Sylvia Labrucherie

Sylvia is a policy and planning analyst. She’s worked at the Division of Transit and Rail at CDOT and Colo Ports of Entry doing grant management, organizational and program development, training and document production, planning, design, and roadway and building construction. She has a MA in planning emphasizing urban design and architecture. Sylvia lives in Wheat Ridge and is the outgoing board chair whose final term expires in 2020.

Chris Hinds

Chris Hinds uses a wheelchair for mobility due to a crash in 2008, but even before his injury, he was an avid runner, soccer player, and cyclist, and he wants others to have access to all of those activities. In addition to serving on DRMAC, he is the national spokesperson for the DC-based International Parking and Mobility Institute’s Accessible Parking Coalition. He also has a law named after him; the Chris Hinds Act was signed into law by Colorado Governor Hickenlooper in May 2018. Chris has also been active in his community – he’s served on commissions appointed by Denver’s Mayor and Colorado’s Governor – and has also volunteered with the Democratic party.

Anahit LaBarre

Anahit LaBarre is originally from Armenia, moved to Colorado in 2001 to attend the Independent Training Program at the Colorado Center for the Blind. And that is currently where she works with senior citizens, who are loosing or have lost their vision. Individual training for Braille, technology and cane travel, as well as support groups are all a part of the program at CCB. Anahit is very involved in transportation aspect of independence training. It is essential to have access to different modes of transportation, and at the same time to have input into the policies and procedures related to transportation, for blind consumers. She is looking forward to being on the board of an organization that cares deeply about supporting and maintaining independence for our seniors.

Suzanne O’Neill

Suzanne O’Neill has forty years experience in transit and has worked as a manager, a planner, and as a consultant. Her work has a strong operational perspective and solid financial basis. Her transit interests include service planning, system management, coordination, and information technology.

Moira Moon

Moira is the Lead Grant Coordinator within the Division of Transit and Rail at CDOT; previously the manager of a Travel Training and Mobility program for Hopelink in WA State. Moira is the CDOT ex-officio and as such has no term. She lives in Denver.

Erica Hamilton

Erica has two decades of experience working for local governments and non-profits. She is an experienced human services provider including extensive work with all populations. Her experience includes coordination projects, service gap analysis, needs assessments, and project management. Erica lives in Arvada.

Nasser Samman

Nasser Samman of Metro Transportation Planning and Solution Group’s is the Chief Operating Officer.

For the past 2 years, Nasser has Directed the operation of all functions of the Transportation and Maintenance Division for the 450 car fleet. In addition to managing and directing the Sales and Marketing, Nasser initiates and continues to build relationships with high profile clients.

Michael Washington

Over the past 12 years, Michael Washington has developed and implemented equitable policies and practices in transit planning, contracting and employment at the Regional Transportation District (RTD) in Denver, Colorado. Early in Michael’s career, he helped facilitate over $400 million in small and historically under-utilized business participation on RTD’s multi-billion dollar transit expansion program, FasTracks. Today, as the Transit Equity Manager in RTD’s Transit-Oriented Communities Division, Michael leads efforts to facilitate inclusive public decision-making and develop equitable fare and service policies. Michael recently served as the Project Manager of RTD’s Pass Program Study that has led to the establishment of a low-income fare program and youth discount fare policy.

Hank Braaksma

Hank Braaksma is the Director of Transportation Services (urban) for the Seniors’ Resource Center Inc. (SRC). Hank is the Colorado State Delegate for CTAA. He was on the 30-member Rose Foundation task force; this “Getting There Collaborative” focused on tools for coordination of transportation for seniors and persons with disabilities within the Denver metro area. Results created the Denver Regional Mobility and Access Council (DRMAC). After being Board Chair for the Colorado State Association of Transportation Agencies (CASTA) he was re-elected to the Board and now serves as Vice Chair. Hank also is the Chair on the Friends of the Colorado Talking Book Library, which gathers and disperses donations allowing the library to sustain needed services.